Serverless Workflow

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Serverless Workflow presents a vendor-neutral, open-source, and entirely community-driven ecosystem tailored for defining and executing DSL-based workflows in the realm of Serverless technology.

The Serverless Workflow DSL is a high-level language that reshapes the terrain of workflow creation, boasting a design that is ubiquitous, intuitive, imperative, and fluent.

Easy to Use!

Serverless Workflow DSL simplifies workflow concepts, allowing users to easily create complex workflows.

Event Driven

Integrate events seamlessly into workflows with support for formats like CloudEvents, enabling event-driven architectures

Service Oriented

The Serverless Workflow DSL allows developers to integrate with service-oriented architectures, defining workflows that interact with services using protocols like HTTP, GRPC, OpenAPI, and AsyncAPI.

FaaS Centric

Invoke functions across platforms seamlessly within workflows, supporting FaaS and microservices architectures.


Set timeouts for workflows and tasks to manage execution duration.

Fault Tolerant

Define error handling strategies to manage and recover from workflow execution errors, ensuring robustness and reliability.

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Open Source projects supporting our DSL

Apache EventMesh Workflow

Apache EventMesh Workflow is a cloud vendor-independent, cloud-native-oriented Serverless Workflow Runtime based on Serverless Workflow specification, and provides durability, reliability, scalability, and observability capabilities.

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Apache KIE SonataFlow

SonataFlow is a powerful tool for building cloud-native workflow applications, enabling seamless orchestration and choreography of services and events.

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Synapse is a vendor-neutral, free, open-source, and community-driven Workflow Management System (WFMS) implementing the Serverless Workflow specification. You can deploy Synapse on Docker, Kubernetes, or natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Apache EventMesh

A new generation serverless event middleware for building distributed event-driven applications.

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Serverless Workflow is the core technology behind every KYC/KYB solution allowing them to customize it for their clients seamlessly.

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FaasNet makes it easy to deploy functions and API to Kubernetes without repetitive, boiler-plate coding.

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Huawei FunctionGraph hosts event-driven functions in a serverless context while ensuring high availability, high scalability, and zero maintenance.

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Neuroglia is a consultancy and solution design company for the digital transformation of companies and their services.

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Red Hat

Red Hat sponsors Apache KIE SonataFlow, a tool for creating cloud-native workflows. SonataFlow supports service and event orchestration, integrating with your architecture using CloudEvents, REST calls, and other standard components.

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Temporal is the open source microservice orchestration platform for writing durable workflows as code.

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Neuroglia is a consultancy and solution design company for the digital transformation of companies and their services.